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At the command line (as usual)

Reading through some old notes, it strikes me that curl is an excellent command line tool, but usually underemphasized in discussions about internet ressources.For example, you can easily get a hand on your goodies if you know their locaters and have curl in your toolkit:

curl https://example.com -o goodie.html

Or try: curl http://rest.elkstein.org/ -o goodie.html

(accessed September 15., 2018)

Since emacs can run system shells internally, curl may drop the file directly in the shell buffer. Then eww-open-file can display the ressource on the spot.

No gui-based browser needed.

And curl can do more...

Html and the http protocol are often taken for granted discussing the internet. (I won't even mention php, JS or https in this resonement) The thing is that curl can use a lot of different protocols in it's communication:

Try: curl -V

On my server, arch is running curl 7.61.1. It has ftps built in, but sometimes you will have to work a bit to make use of sftp or scp

For some reason, curl cannot make use of ssh by default. Just grab the tarballs for libssh2 and curl. Unpack, and compile curl with reference to libssh2. It's just a matter of ./configure, make, and make install. I should probably mention that if curl already resides on the system, the make install will probably place the new compiled version in /usr/local/bin/. So fix the path..

So using curl with ftps, there's a secure way to circumnavigate http/https when it comes to providing files on the net:

curl --ftp-ssl --user username:password '' -o /somepath/somefile.txt

(ok, if that's too much information on the command line, wrap it in C or whatever, and compile it. Curl is easily scriptable.)

I use vsftpd at the server end of the connection. The client side syntax is cryptic to say the least (but then again the consultants probably have to protect their own bread and butter I suppose...). And so are the error messages from curl.

Curl supports a lot of protocols, and you can even send epost by the help of it. There must be a couple of hundreds of command line options, where -T brings files up instead of down.

A couple of years ago I wrote: as the sun is just returning here in Tromso this year, I have quickly put this blog on the net. Lately, I have used facebook a lot for communication, but at present it seems ok to have a place to share documents in progress (which facebook is not always a good option for). Also, facebook might be taken to favour rather short messages, as well as pictures of course. Sometimes it's good though to be able to work in a somewhat larger format, and I'll give it a try here. On the other hand, I'll obviously stay put on facebook, since after all there's where people are...:-)Do not hesitate to leave me a note on the blog as well whenever you feel for it.

During 2018, still working on it.

Winter Tromso 2016

First glimpse of sunshine in Tromso 2016

Winter Tromso 2016

The sun is returning to winter Tromso 2016